dimensions of you

you arc around the edges of what they say
rainbow shimmered alive by the molecules of water and air
you resonate with your voice
startling the sky, moving tides with the moon of your laughter
you swim in the wide ocean of no-dividing-lines
redefining the real with waves from your spiraling-insistent imagination

you hold the poles of what is and what could be
and remake both in the image of your broken-and-joyful sunrise
you make the rain go color-alive and pulse
the ink you unravel from twilight to make blue hieroglyphs of compassion
sensitive as the horizon’s artery of orange, pink and red
encompassing universal spaces they say are untouchable

you entangle electrons of song beyond the reach of their tired rationale
and dream yourself a deep space canvas cascading with the paint of other suns
never caught in one spot forever –
no one place, no up or down, left or right, male or female or this-or-that to finally define you
scattering your heart across seasons and beyond answers
not accepting their truth as the only truth, or any truth beyond its roots in flight
finding all your fears again metamorphosed in elemental rainbows
bending beyond death or life

to that before-birth moment when it seems all the dimensions have at last run out
and then you breathe for the first time



(2018 Ben Ross.  All Rights Reserved.)




  1. Really powerful. So many interesting visuals created with the delicate and colorful words. I felt like I was riding a rainbow while reading this. The last line takes your breath away, which is ironic. ❤️🌈🦉

    Liked by 1 person

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