Places I Long to Be

the soft belly of a riverbed

a hut made of harmony 

a cool tree limb curving with kindness

a dandelion house that blows itself away

a dream forest glittering with secret eyes

a butterfly canoe that dissolves in the sky

an underwater ocean arboretum with galaxies of starfish that sing me to sleep

a castle of Northern Lights magnetic with empathy 

an all-encompassing enclave carved in sandstone cliffs by the hieroglyphic wind

a chrysanthemum daydream village nestled in radiant forgetfulness

a pistachio windmill ice cream delivery service station

a celery sailboat that drifts across dimensions of song

an oasis of otters

an aromatic abode of morning with forgiveness and interstellar coffee

a streetcar named “Enoughness”

a den of chipmunks humming with sleep’s wild honey

a surrender of sloths

a beehive of belonging

a hugging wall of wallabies

a kangaroo pouch furry with compassion

a merciful seaweed supernova of letting go


here, with you

(2019 Ben Ross.  All Rights Reserved.)

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