A Blessing for Wildness

       May spotty skies of dog fur and loving eyes lap you with the wet kisses of clouds overhanging unconditionally all you ever felt or believed
       May you break into the abyss of laughter and shout for joy as the Eden of allowing rewilds you from edges hardened by too much time in houses and buildings
       May you grow green canopies for hair, feeling the wafted chemical messages of trees in the branching tentacles of your interbeing brain and heart
       May all you ever say resonate and converse with the songs of birds trailing twirled nests of belonging from all the yarn and sticks you’ve ever forgotten
       May sunshine be happy and free in the atmosphere of your body humming blue with oxygen in the ancient perpetual play of cells exchanging gifts
       May stars unwind in the dark matter of your grief with sweet pangs of gravity rounding and nourishing your planet of lovingkindness
       May rain fall gently across your brow and eyelashes as wet ocher and canary yellow leaves travel your eyes to the dark earth source of growth-transforming-death
       May curlicues of mystery swirl across your thoughts and illuminate them in the silver gray river of your body in motion, cherished as the beautiful reflections of this nameless now
       May ducks float into inner tributaries reaching all corners of your hidden being, bringing quacks of fluffy togetherness with green iridescent affection to all of who you are
       May who you are continue to unfold as unknown like insects under winter mountains and hibernating bears, snuggling you close to the rejuvenating darkness
       May dawn and dusk hold you like a daydream of the Earth as it imagines your humanness spiraling in space and echoed in the swirls of sunflowers, DNA, the arrangement of muscles and small whirlpools on top of a river
       May pine trees rise majestic lifting you sweet and tangy with their insubordinate smell as you dissolve into utter air
       May the fennec fox hear you at night with her large curious ears of compassion like the still-living memory of childhood wonder
       May you settle into the woven planetary web and reed basket of all beings and be celebrated in the infinite ordinary equality you are, absolutely unique in all the universe, being sung by the body and interloving blood of all that is

(2019 Ben Ross.  All Rights Reserved.)


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