I seek to convey an experience of being met, present to life or present as life in wonder – an experience that in its most direct form seems to defy names, categories, and certainties, yet provides the substance of everything that’s most meaningful, beautiful and real in my life.

For me, this experience feels most authentically communicated in the language of nature itself, or in descriptions of daily interactions between people – the mysterious touching the ordinary, the whole within the broken, universal aspects of experience seen without a focus on any authority other than the ordinary, sacred paradox of the actual.

One symbol that points to this way of being and seeing is the image of the earth from space, luminous in pure black vastness. I like that this symbol is directly accessible to anyone, and evocative of the undeniable beauty of our common home.

So that’s the first meaning of “Luminous Earth.”

The second meaning is a sense of on-going discovery that the daily ground of experience – with all its grief, its loss, its brokenness, fear, aloneness, connections that come and go, pleasures that dissolve in the air like blue sky at twilight, death and trauma and forgiveness and not-knowing and openly-sharing – basically, the shifting kaleidoscope of being human – is itself luminous, in the sense of both being a source of insight AND being made of a pervasive and ultimately nameless essence, light or presence when its heart is touched and deeply known.

The third meaning is about this time in history, when the image of planet Earth from space also stands for a recognition of shared humanity, a deeply-shared common reality with every being, and the growing awareness of the planet as a living ecosystem.

I hope this blog touches on all these aspects of luminosity and earth – on finding something beyond ourselves and at the heart of ourselves and each other in the deep mystery of nature, on the life-giving and beautifully-illuminated manuscript of our brokenness and struggle, on the social dimensions of overcoming oppression and violence of many kinds, on healing through relationship, and on simply being in the midst of the great unknown.

It’s all pretty lofty.  More prosaically, I’m writing what comes to me and sharing what feels like it has life in it.  And holding it all as a continuous work-in-progress.

I hope this writing contributes to healing, to a more compassionate culture, and to appreciation for the mysteriously wondrous nature of everyday life in some small way.  It’s nice to have a vision to hold it all, to see that my writing follows some theme – catching glimpses of the Earth as it looks from space, whole, without artificial boundaries, with equality of all life, in wondering beauty.

So the writing I’m starting to share here will include a bit of everything – poems of many kinds, essays, thoughts on healing relationship (especially in the context of therapy), thoughts on oppression and violence, resistance and solidarity, the imagining of new relationships with each other and the Earth, possibly some pieces of a science fiction novel I’m working on, song lyrics, ideas for group processes, and anything else that feels alive to me.

I heartily encourage anyone who wants to be in touch to please leave a comment!  I want to be part of a community of writers, to feed and strengthen and support each other – all of our voices and visions are so deeply needed.

Thank you for reading!!!




    1. Shana I’m just seeing this message somehow! I’d love to see you!!! I’m guessing you’re not still in western Mass visiting. 🙂 Let’s connect! My new email is: bnjmross AT gmail DOT com.


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