Rainstorm in the Smith Campus Center

(Original piece written on October 16, 2019)

Last night at the spaceship-like Campus Center of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, among gleaming rooftop windows supported by a web-like structure of aluminum metal, and smooth concrete floors awash in white flourescence, I unexpectedly found myself in a room full of about 25 kids, all of whom seemed to be anywhere between 8-15 years old (with the exception of two older adults) watching the Democratic Debate on a large TV mounted on the wall.  (more…)

The Radiant Coexistence of Starlings and the Sky

The first thing I felt was the stark blue light that permeated the sky
interpreting my body as a fragment of time and space
as I sat in a cloud of enamel fumes inside my car, parked in a random lot
off Route 5 and 10 near Greenfield
pondering once again the cold
glowing obelisk of my phone
and wondering if I’d have time to read Whitman or Anne Frank
before the tow truck arrived.


The Substance of Home

We four met at the bus stop, randomly
the FRTA in Northampton, outside the Academy of Music
it was cold, gray, 6 PM in October
with blue lights inside buses starrifying the sidewalk

I had just emerged from icy oceans beneath
the crust of Europa (which really are 62
miles deep, and full of life) as I nursed my
wounds of apparent rejection  (more…)