not knowing


A few nights ago I saw the documentary “Birth of the Cool” about the life-and-music (inseparable to him) of Miles Davis.

At one point in the film, Miles says to his bandmates as they explore new musical forms: “Don’t play what you know – play what you don’t know.”

This phrase crystallized something for me – moments where I realized I don’t really know anything – that any conceptual form of knowing is itself a kind of movie overlaid on the surface of the unknown, projections dancing in a life-giving darkness. (more…)

the universe may be as baffled as we are

Last night we walked around a track by athletic fields near a waterfall, Smith College, tall flourescent lights whitening with glowing bone light the wheat of yellow setting sun, the fence around the field looking strange with diamond shapes whirring by, catching bright glints on their dark green metal as we starred the sky with our laughter, talking about how the universe might be as baffled as we are, New England Fall air crushed-leaves-sweet, and water-blessed.