Meditation on the Comet Neowise

Climbing Mount Sugarloaf in South Deerfield, Massachusetts last night, I expected to be awed by the sight of the comet Neowise, set against the backdrop of thousands of stars.
Instead I felt something more mundane – an affection for the Earth, the fireflies, the crickets singing, the grass slightly cool and wet from a light, misty fog, and mountaintop trees edging the infinite ocean of space. Neowise itself has such a gentleness, with a soft, just-visible tail trailing upward so the comet appears to be falling, creating the impression of a shooting star or cottonwood tree’s fluffy seedball drifting, cascading slowly down the sky.


The Substance of Home

We four met at the bus stop, randomly
the FRTA in Northampton, outside the Academy of Music
it was cold, gray, 6 PM in October
with blue lights inside buses starrifying the sidewalk

I had just emerged from icy oceans beneath
the crust of Europa (which really are 62
miles deep, and full of life) as I nursed my
wounds of apparent rejection  (more…)

Chrysanthemums from The Milky Way

Now riding the FRTA bus from Northampton to Greenfield
obsessively revising a poem on my phone
the bus rattling with ferocity
like a small traveling earthquake of metal

other passengers staring off or into
the blue-ish ghost light of their own phones
all of us being ferried loudly across the Route 5 of forgetting
that runs parallel to the Connecticut River.


the universe may be as baffled as we are

Last night we walked around a track by athletic fields near a waterfall, Smith College, tall flourescent lights whitening with glowing bone light the wheat of yellow setting sun, the fence around the field looking strange with diamond shapes whirring by, catching bright glints on their dark green metal as we starred the sky with our laughter, talking about how the universe might be as baffled as we are, New England Fall air crushed-leaves-sweet, and water-blessed.