A Blessing for Wildness

       May spotty skies of dog fur and loving eyes lap you with the wet kisses of clouds overhanging unconditionally all you ever felt or believed
       May you break into the abyss of laughter and shout for joy as the Eden of allowing rewilds you from edges hardened by too much time in houses and buildings
       May you grow green canopies for hair, feeling the wafted chemical messages of trees in the branching tentacles of your interbeing brain and heart

Fibonacci Sings

Walking across the kitchen to turn off a light
The hot water of a shower, wet hair, fingertips and the flow of motion
Not really one thing then another, not even a moment to be found
Just flow
And then no flow to be found, but moments, things again, seemingly
Shifting like this, until it just opens –


dimensions of you

you arc around the edges of what they say
rainbow shimmered alive by the molecules of water and air
you resonate with your voice
startling the sky, moving tides with the moon of your laughter
you swim in the wide ocean of no-dividing-lines
redefining the real with waves from your spiraling-insistent imagination (more…)

Everyone is a Member of My Tribe

A Refreshingly Awkward Encounter

I had a realization today, talking to someone who was working as a teller at a bank.

She’d just come over to the counter, and I walked out from behind the rope line (which I’m realizing now are generally used outside fancy clubs or events like the Oscars to hold back fans and media – so why in banks? – but I digress).

What I noticed about her, standing there with the fancy black counter between us, and the panes of glass on either side, with security cameras behind her head like floating paparazzi (bear with me on these celebrity metaphors – I have no idea where they’re going) was her awkwardness.